Saturday, February 20, 2010

Your Personal "I Can Change Project"

Instead of waiting for other people to get results, reading about other people successes,
Why don't you start your own "I Can Change Project" ?
Do something meaningful in your Life.......
Achieve your Dreams.....
Start Now !!
You too Can Change !!! :)

You may add a ICanChangeProject logo/button on your blog/website for a reminder to yourself that You too Can Change Right Now !!

To put up the ICanChangeProject Logo/button on your Blog / Website :
1. Save any of the ICanChangeProject Logo/button to your computer
2. Add the Logo/button to your Blog / Website
3. You're more than welcome to Link the Logo/button to to spread the word :)

Here are the ICanChangeProject Logo/Button

or You may want to grab this one instead and add/type/write your own project on it :)

Start Now :)
Change Now !
it's never too late.
Live your Life !! :)

Terms :
Original logo/button Copyright belongs to
You may not use the logo or it's derivative work for commercial purposes.

You may not use the logo or it's derivative work on your blog / website if your blog / website contains hatred, violence, pornography and other material considered negative and unethical.

You may not use the logo to promote your blog / website,
the ICanChangeProject Logo exist as a reminder for You to Change and the logo is there to be shared so others may also be informed and use the ICanChangeProject logo as a reminder that they too Can Change for the better.

Thank you :)