Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yoga ...sorta

I've always hated Yoga....
I had my first class when I was in high school and I just thought, wow this class is weird, what are we doing, the poses are so easy and not useful.

fast forward to now
I think..... I'm loving Yoga now

well... it's not really a pure Yoga class
I've recently join a nearby gym and they offer this class that combined Yoga-Taichi-Pilates, etc.
but it's mainly Yoga, because Taichi is only used as the beginning warm up and Pilates is only used to strengthen the core (sit-ups)
and I didn't really like it at first, but surprisingly as I went to more classes, I'm loving it.
and I love how the Yoga poses is strengthening my muscles and gives stretching exercises.

So !!!!
on the Flexibility-Stretch Project
I'm not doing it Solo at home anymore, because it gets boring to do it :(
Being in a class, however, is more fun and you push yourself more.... competition, you see ;p
So..... I'm Yoga-ing almost on a daily basis now....
except, I think I need more than just a 45 mins- 1 hour class.

and somehow ......
I've been waking up early for almost a week now.
I'm notorious for sleeping in..... ;p
and as a result, I get sleepy earlier at night.
I still sleep around midnite-1 am, which I should improve to around 10 pm !!!!!!!!!
but before, it was around 2-3-4 am, usually.
I'm thinking maybe this Yoga thing is fixing my sleeping pattern ?
because I was working out before and it didn't do anything to my sleeping pattern,
or maybe it's because I'm just simply getting old ? what ?????
haha...whatever it's working !!
So.... hopefully this Sleep Project is a go too :)

weehoo ;)

Friday, May 21, 2010

An update

Wow..... it's almost June 2010
I started this project at around the beginning of the year, up to March 2010
and I left it out
I've managed to stall and postpone and neglect this project

Unbelievable !!
I mean what's the point of starting an "I Can Change Project" if I'm not going to change at all ? If I don't make an effort to change at all ?

I usually get all excited and ready to change in the middle of the night,
and by the time morning comes, I get all "oh 5 more minutes" and "I'll start tomorrow" or I'll search for other unnecessary things to do to get me out of doing my projects and to make me seem "busy"
and that happens on a daily basis.

I'm a lazy person, I admit that.
and by stalling, postponing, being in denial, or whatever.... I feel guilty, so the burden is getting heavier by the day....I'm not accomplishing anything and I'm not getting any younger either.

So really...
I'm asking myself now,
Am I going to change ?
If yes, it has to start now
because if I decide it's going to start tomorrow, or later, I'm not going to start at all and I'm going to be back at my stalling/postponing cycle which will add to the guilt. and yepp... that's NOT GOOD

Yes, I Want to Change
Daily effort & Discipline are necessary !!
a Kick in the ass every morning to wake me up and get me ready to fill my days with projects that I want to do, things I want to accomplish.
I'm doing these projects for me.... hear that ?.... FOR ME !!!
Enthusiasm and Excitement will have to be a daily thing
Knowing every action counts and they're getting me closer to what I want to accomplish, no matter how silly or unimportant it may seem to others.
It's what I WANT.
so Imma do it. period.

Learn Chinese - Mandarin

I've always wanted to learn the Chinese Language
(and German, Spanish, Portuguese, etc I'm a sucker for languages, speak 4 already)
but learning Chinese has always been the biggest challenge of em all.
I'm not particularly fond of the Chinese language like I love how the French language sound.
but I would love to be able to speak Chinese, I've always wanted to, even before China scare the world with its economic growth and everyone rushes to learn Chinese ;p

I've had lessons as a kid, then as a teenager, then as a grown up
none of em are successful
of course I can say the basic : How are you, Where is this, I want to, What's your name, bla bla bla
But No improvements throughout the years.
well.... no constant learning, that's why
and most of the chinese characters are...well...forgotten....

I was stubborn before
I insisted in learning both the traditional and the simplified chinese characters which means there's more to memorize...yeayy... which leads to none being remembered...booo
I love writing chinese characters.... it's like writing something I've always known all my life, all the strokes, the steps... I just like it.
But I think it's keeping me from learning more chinese.
well... mostly because I insisted in knowing how to write a sentence which slow me down in the learning process, and in the end, I don't even remember how to write those characters anyway.

I'm going to learn chinese, and this time I'm going to succeed.

Learning the chinese characters is not hard, but memorizing them is, I know and I'm going to leave that behind for now.
I hereby declare that I'm going to be an illiterate in Chinese ;p muahahaha
at least in the beginning ;p

I'm going to get Chinese Audio CDs
learning by hearing and pronouncing
I'm going to get the tones right, I suck at it ;p
I think I have the basics for now.... I'll see how far this audio CD technique's gonna get me for now, and after a while, when I think I need to, I'll get lessons.
But for now, I'm just going to use audio CDs to help me learn Chinese
Repetitions is key !!!!
Chinese sentences are going to be like, embedded in my brain ;p

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